As witnessed by us all the last few days, colder weather is arriving.

This week alone, we've dealt with freeze warnings, highs under 50 degrees and frost we've had to scrape off our cars.

Most of us went digging into the winter clothes wardrobe this week. Looking for those heavier shirts and winter type coats.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in Amarillo who couldn't find one. Not because they were looking in the wrong place, but because they or their kids don't have one.

Well if you're one of those people, don't fear. The 4th Annual Downtown Coat Drive is here!

This drive has been very successful over the past few years, and has helped those low and moderate income families over that time. This year however brings on even more of a need.

With the pandemic, there are still a lot of people out of a job...and not by choice. Some have found new jobs, but for far less money than they may have been previously making. This program will help those people out immensely.

Keith Grays, the event organizer, told Channel 10 "It will benefit more than 300 kids. Some won’t get coats because they only need sneakers. So again, it’s sort of a multifaceted as to what types of apparel are being handed out."

The holidays are about more than just giving fun gifts and toys, it's about giving things people NEED. As you can see, this drive is about more than just coats. If you know someone in need, please do whatever you can to help them!

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