As Halloween comes to a close, and we begin to take down our skeletons, tombstones, and cobwebs and replace them with pumpkin pies and turkeys, I think we can all acknowledge that the back-to-back seasonal holidays can be a bit stressful. Having to prepare and spend so much may get tiring after a while. "Why can't I just enjoy myself?" you may ask. Thankfully, this November 14th, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the festivities with friends or family, without the hassle. At this year's annual handmade holiday market there will be a load of goods, treats, and entertainment for you to enjoy.

Moore Church is hosting its 7th annual handmade holiday market. At the event, multitudes of vendors will be setting up shop. The range of vendors selling will include but will not be limited to bakers, jewelry makers, and artists who will be selling arts, crafts, jewelry, popcorn and so much more. And that's not even half of it. A chili cooking contest will be held, where attendees will be the judges of which chili is the best by casting their votes to determine the winners.

Not hungry? Don't worry, live music will be accompanying the event and door prizes will be offered as well, to leave you with a little something. This event really seems to have it all. And the best part about it all is. It's free. No admittance fees will be charged, meaning that you can take the whole family or friend group to come and enjoy this year's handmade holiday market.

Amarillo and Canyon Farmer's Markets

Amarillo and Canyon have some great community and farmers' markets.

They take place in the summer into early fall. It's an opportunity to find fresh produce, one-of-a-kind items, jams, jellies, bread, and more.

If you haven't had a chance to visit you should.

Canyon Farmers Market - Square in Canyon
Saturdays 8am-12pm

Amarillo Community Market - 1000 S. Polk St.
Saturdays 8am - 12:30pm

Golden Spread Farmers Market - 3701 Plains Blvd. Parking Lot
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7 am until sell out.
Early in the season of this market produce is scarce as the season moves on and crops are harvested, you'll see more and more of your favorite veggies.

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