Comethazine's shows are known to get rowdy but even the Alamo Records rapper has his limits.

Last night (March 27), the artist, who dropped his Bawskee 2 mixtape a couple of months ago, was performing at The Garrick in Winnipeg, Canada when someone from the crowd reportedly threw a water bottle at him. After stopping the show in the middle of his performance, his team stepped on stage to calm the crowd.

"Stop throwing shit or you're gonna get smacked yourself," Comethazine said before he continued his set. "We just be tryna perform my nigga I'm not even from here ya dig?"

Immediately after the crowd was told to stop throwing things—once by Co's DJ and at least one other time by Comethazine himself—another fan threw a glow stick at his team, and they weren't having it. Seconds after the object soared in the sky and landed on stage, Co threw his mic at the fans before a member of Comethazine's team jumped into the crowd and the people who threw the things onto the stage were escorted out of the audience by security. No injuries were sustained in the incident.

For his part, Co stayed onstage and called out the fans for throwing things his way. "I'm not from here so stop fucking with me over there bro," Comethazine said after the events unfolded. "We're just trying to fucking have fun with you niggas."

While there was a small bump in the road, Comethazine eventually continued performing and finished up his show. Looks like things worked out.

Comethazine will continue his brief Canadian tour until the end of March and then head to Europe in April. While he's on the road, the Missouri native is also up for the 10th spot of the 2019 XXL Freshman Class.

Watch what Comethazine had to say to his rowdy fans below.

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