Should the 2012 presidential race come down to the great state of Florida, this video proves that America is officially in trouble.

Of course, we kid the Sunshine State; as does Conan O'Brien...we think. But regardless of his stance on the subject, the hilarity of the above video trumps all political opinions that lie across the campaign trail. Or at least, hopefully it makes them laugh a bit.

During last night's episode of 'Conan,' the leggy comedian spoke about the presidential election in the monologue, explaining the race to be a virtual tie thus far. And like so many other elections, the final decision will most likely come down to a few swing states, with Florida being one of the main territories.

And while we're immensely fond of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy, the video showed that there's much more than the family-friendly Disney crew around to represent the state accurately.

The video's take on the denizens of Florida is in obvious jest, yet, let's face it -- all of those stories did come from there... which is a little scary.

But even still; get out and vote if you can, Florida. It's up to you!

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