Route 66, we're fortunate enough to have such a huge piece of history right here in our backyard. It's something that has a tendency to be forgotten by the locals and even the tourism of it has been down in recent years. All of that is changing though.

Thanks to the Route 66 festival this year going on from June 1-10, we get a chance to relive the magic of Route 66, remember the history, and have a ton of fun along the way.

There are so many different events planned for the festival but there is one that sticks out in a major way to my family and I, and it's happening nice and early in the festival.

On June 3rd out at Starlight Ranch, the annual Crawfish Festival will return and that's not something we see a whole ton of here in the panhandle. When we lived in Austin, it was like a rite of passage to attend a crawfish boil, and we did so very often.

It's where my oldest kid learned he LOVED crawfish, and there wasn't a boil that got past him. I'm pretty sure he pulls out two hollow legs from his closet when one is announced and is trying to force us out the door to go.

For $30 per person, you will get into the crawfish festival, get to enjoy two full pounds of crawfish, and enjoy all the different festivities planned. There will be different food trucks there if crawfish aren't your thing, and of course, you'll be able to enjoy some cold beer. $65 will get you VIP admission and up your crawfish intake to four pounds.

There will be plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy such as face painting and a huge bounce house park for the kids to jump around in. Kids 12 and under get into the festival for free. If they get the crawfish that comes with it, then my boys will definitely make them regret free admission for the kids.

Music will be provided by John D Williams, the official performer of the Dallas Cowboys and fresh off an appearance at the Liberty Bowl.

They'll be giving away a getaway to New Orleans as well at the festival, so be sure to get yourself entered for that. All the info and advance ticket can be found here.

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