There has been a larger than normal number of credit/debit card fraud/abuse cases coming out of Borger, TX, leading Borger Police to team up with the United States Secret Service to investigate the increasing amount of reports coming from financial institutions.

With the holidays right around the corner, this comes as no surprise, but what is a surprise, is how these criminals are acquiring the personal account information of the fraud and abuse victims.  Because authorities are lost on how these criminals are actually getting their hands on the information!

1 Arrest has been made, and the suspect is currently in custody awaiting trial.

KAMR reports:

The method of obtaining the Credit/Debit Card information is still being investigated by the United States Secret Service.

If anyone discovers that they have or may have become a victim of Credit/Debit Card Abuse, please contact your Financial Institution immediately to see how your Financial Institution would like for you to proceed.
Protect yourself and your money!  I've heard stories about people that will stand behind you while you're in line to check out, and when you pull out your card, they will actually have their phone out and take a quick picture of your card!  Thus, giving them all they need to rack up one hell of a bill on your dime!
Use common sense, and proceed with caution my young Jedi Knights!
The problem is occurring all across the states, and can be quite the thorn in one's side to deal with!




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