Nazi Spotted at Jamba Juice in LA. from r/PublicFreakout


Holy smokes, guys, this is a Karen for the books.

The Daily Dot shared a video of a man acting like a complete douche bag at Jamba Juice. Any guesses why? Because nobody would serve him without a mask.

Boo f-ing hoo, you poor darlin' thing!

The man is seen leaving the store screaming obscenities, telling the staff to "Go back to your country!" and other offensive garbage. Then to top it off, he screams "Heil Hitler!" and does a Nazi salute before getting into the passenger seat of a car that's parked in a handicapped spot.

I can't say for certain that the driver isn't handicapped, but I can definitely say that the screaming baby man doesn't seem to have much respect. I wouldn't put it past whomever drove him there to park in a spot meant for someone that actually needed it.

The driver is guilty by association in my eyes.

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You would think after this entire year everyone would have learned basic human decency and wouldn't make a fuss out of putting on a friggin' mask when entering a business that requires one.

The same people that throw the massive fits are the same people who aren't getting vaccinated. As far as I'm concerned, kick them out. I wouldn't serve that man my own piss in a desert.

People in food service have seen some of the worst behavior imaginable over the past year, and it's up to the rest of us to pick up the slack for those that think they are better than everyone else.

Also, it's worth noting that the license plate in this video is VERY present.

Here's hoping that this man sees some repercussions for his potty mouth and s*^t attitude.

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