In an act that was as statistically unlikely as Donald Trump's presidency (god help us...), the Chicago Cubs came back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the 112th MLB World Series last night (November 2), breaking a 108-year-old curse that had effectively barred them from even seeing a World Series since 1945.

And guys? People went nuts.

The game went into extra innings and kept millions of viewers white-knuckling with a rain delay. But when all was said and done, Chicago's pride and joy came from behind and pulled out an 8-7 victory that rallied the Windy City. And, naturally, the merriment incited a firestorm on Twitter — celebrities from the Midwest, and even those who weren't, made sure to congratulate the team on such an unexpected feat.

From the sight of Bill Murray crying or Hillary Clinton cheering to messages from Nick Jonas, a teary Nick Offerman and a totally blitzed Waka Flocka Flame, celebrities made sure to congratulate the team that had been down its luck for so many decades.

Annnnnd then there was Shailene Woodley, who — intentions unquestionably admirable — sort of killed the party.

Are you a Cubs fan? What did you make of the big game, and how nail-biting it was? Share your thoughts or reaction in the comments.

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