It is never ok to assume that people are educated enough about HIV.  A recent report has been put out about the number one county in Texas for HIV cases and it is scary.

This report has not only named Dallas County has the number one ranking county for HIV, but also shed some light on some disturbing information.

First off, I knew that HIV was still a very important thing to address, but I truly thought that there was proper education about it.  Dallas County definitely needs to find a new strategy.  Forty percent of the people infected in this county were African Americans.  And the biggest increase was young women between the ages of 13-24.

So my first question is: why are these young girls not being warned against the different ways you can be infected?  Health officials went out looking for answers on this growing epidemic and what they found baffles me.  According to reports, a bunch of the newest infections come from female to female unprotected sex.  Girls think HIV cannot be contracted that way.  Which is totally untrue!

Multiple groups are working together to try and find a solution.  My opinion is that sex education starts at home.  It is very important to teach our kids about, not only HIV, but all sexually transmitted diseases.  And teen pregnancy.  And so much more.  If you are needing help talking to your kids, you can visit for more information.

We have to make sure our kids protect themselves.

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