A police officer in Big Spring, Texas made a shocking discovery over the weekend when he found several dead cats inside an unattended Animal Control vehicle.

According to YourBasin.com, the officer contacted his supervisor and they tracked down the person in charge of the animals.

The unit was assigned to Animal Control Officer Michael Arista. It was parked at the Law Enforcement Center when the officer discovered the animals.

Some people in the community say the Animal Control department needs updating and training. Big 2 News talked to an independent dog rescuer on the condition of anonymity. He said the trucks used by Big Spring Animal Control don't look very spacious and that the trucks are severely outdated.

The investigation found that the cats were picked up by Arista within 24 hours before being discovered.

Arista is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of a criminal and internal investigation.

[via YourBasin]

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