Sony Music Entertainment has obtained a temporary restraining order against Jeff Choi, a man who allegedly said he was going to shoot Ne-Yo because he believes the star has been singing about him without his permission.

In hundreds of threatening phone calls and emails to Ne-Yo and Sony executives such as CEO Clive Davis and CFO Kevin Kelleher, Choi said he was going to “shoot people in the head” unless Sony paid him $800,000.

In August, Sony security contacted the FBI and Choi was held for a psychiatric evaluation. But even after his confinement to a mental health facility, he continued to make threatening phone calls, so now federal officials will prosecute him for the crimes.

In the meantime, Sony obtained the restraining order, fearing that if Choi is released from custody, he’ll follow through on his threats. Choi is now banned from going near the Sony offices and must stay 100 yards away from Davis and Kelleher.


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