At least for the moment, Demi Lovato's body's saying: Time to kick Sylvester Stallone's ass in a Rocky-worthy sparring match. 

Stallone, known for his decades-spanning role as Rocky Balboa, posted a video to Instagram yesterday (November 2) in which he and the Confident singer go rounds with the dukes up (Demi put up the post, too). TMZ reported the whole thing went down at Jay's Unbreakable Gym on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, but still literally no one knows why it happened.

Why did it happen?

Why did Demi Lovato and Sylvester Stallone box each other at Jay's Unbreakable Gym on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles?

"Rocky gets knocked out by his long-lost daughter, Roxana," Stallone captioned his post with an #upsetofthecentury hashtag. And Lovato made sure to validate the assessment, and successfully knocked the man to the ground. "Just knocking out Rocky" she wrote with a #boxingLEGEND hashtag.

"I slipped!" Stallone insists toward the end of the segment.

Lovato's previously worked out with Glazer at his gym in September, in which she took more than a few exhausting-looking body shots.

And, of course, fans will remember Demi put her combat skills to the test in her "Confident" video, which found her released from a maximum security prison only to wind up in a huge fight outside on the lot.

Watch the clip above, and tell us what you think of Demi's moves in the ring.

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