Demi Lovato's had quite a hair evolution — one that we've tracked over the years, in fact. Much her like her music and sense of style, the Confident singer keeps her locks different with each and every era.

As Lovatics eagerly await Demi's forthcoming "soulful" sixth LP, change is evidently already in the air for the "Body Say" singer.

Days ago, Demi teased that she was about to do something different (yet again!) to her hair. "Excited for tomorrow.....Making a change.... 😏😊 IF I were to change my hair..... What do y'all think I'd do... 😝," she teased on August 3. Welp, now we know — thanks to Snapchat.

In a series of Snaps yesterday alongside her adorable pooch, Demi — who's still out on the Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas and recently rocked the Democratic National Convention with a rousing performance of "Confident" — unveiled her latest look, which looks to be a return to her natural softer brunette hairstyle with long extensions. (See visual confirmation below.) Looks great, Demi!

If she's switching up the 'do, it's only a matter of time before the new music comes. Right? (That's all purely speculation, but hey, we're just as excited too...)

See Demi's latest look, and check out the full evolution of her hair further down below.

Snapchat: @theddlovato
Snapchat: @theddlovato
Snapchat: @theddlovato

The Evolution of Demi Lovato's Hair