There are some things in life that you just don't need to be told: pizza is good any time of day, Bruce Willis will never stop making 'Die Hard' movies and, pretty much right at the top of that list: running naked onto the field during a rugby match is a horrible idea.

This guy lunatic meanders onto the pitch in a match between Britain's Newcastle University and Northumbria University and gives it the ol' college try while attempting to tackle the player with the ball (because, at its core, rugby is nothing more than "kill the man with the ball," another fact you don't need to be told).

Enraged teammates rush over and pounce on the streaker before the scene somehow spills over into a brawl between the two teams. The streaker, meanwhile, appears to casually flee like an art thief who quietly leaves the gallery while the alarms blare and security runs right by him as they scramble to figure out who could have possibly pulled off such a heist.

It was a truly bizarre moment. We think we're going to order a pizza and watch it a few more times before kicking off that 'Die Hard' marathon that we suddenly want to see.

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