The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards neglected to give YouTube's most-viewed production EVER a single nomination, and now, the network is trying to explain the blatant "Despacito" snub.

The 2017 VMAs, which have made front-runners out of Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd, deemed Luis Fonsi's massive hit ineligible because the artist's team never formally submitted it for consideration. But Universal Music Latin Entertainment claims MTV didn't ask the team for a submission until two weeks after the eligibility window closed. Uh...?

"'Despacito' has not aired on MTV or MTV2, but it is being played on MTV Tres, the company's Latin channel," the statement reads. "As for the VMAs, MTV said "the 'Despacito' video was not submitted for consideration.

The VMAs have conceded that "Despacito" will be eligible for a Song of Summer category, which the label seems to be happy with.

"UMLE is surprised and happy to learn that MTV plans to recognize 'Despacito' in the VMA's 'Song of Summer' category," UMLE noted. "We hope the nomination will lead to MTV airing the full video on their main channels."

"We're proud to work with MTV to expose new audiences to our artists' music and we would welcome MTV's decision to recognize Spanish-language videos on its main channel and the Music Video Awards program," it added.

The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards will air on August 27. You can vote once per category, per day until voting closes ahead of the show.

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