First off it's just a rumor, and it's an un-thinkable rumor!  Why would Adam Levine, front man for Maroon 5, cheat on his Victoria Secret smoking hot model/girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna with a bartender?  He says no but according to RumorFix, a Life & Style rep says HELL YES he did!

Okay now I'm not knocking bartenders, they can be some of the hottest girls in the world I've seen it with my own eyes.  There's a ton of hot bartenders out there, I happen to be married to one!

But let's speculate, would Adam Levine cheat on a Victoria Secret model, that has been a faithful girlfriend to him, with some random bartender all be it she is a smoking hot bartender?

My speculation says YES HE WOULD!  The dude is a he-whore, man-slut, a man whore, a walking STD.  He's had more booty's then a toilet seat!  He's even admitted it publicly!

So, if the rumor is indeed true and he cheated, Anne has nobody to blame but herself.

On a side note, if you didn't catch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night, you can click here to see how stupidly ridiculous the outfits have become.

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