Justin Bieber's just-revealed face tattoo wasn't exactly new, but it was new to us. Now it seems like it might already be gone.

News of Bieber's face tat first came in November 2018 when celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang talked about the ink in an interview with Page Six. The tattoo artist, who's also inked Rihanna in the past, revealed the face tat was part of a couples tattoo with Bieber's then-new wife Hailey Baldwin.

While there were paparazzi shots of Bieber with the tat, located just over his right eyebrow, the ink was indecipherable and not officially revealed by the pop star. Then, earlier this week on New Year's Day, another celeb tattoo artist, JonBoy, posted the clearest photo of Bieber's facial ink to date, revealing the tat was the word "grace," written in thin cursive handwriting.

Now, new photos snapped of Bieber out and about in Los Angeles yesterday (January 2) have us a bit confused. While you can see the light remnants of something above the same eyebrow, it seems as though the tat might have been removed.

What's going on here? Has Bieber had the face tat removed since getting it months ago? JonBoy might have posted the clear photo just this week, but it could have been taken months or weeks ago. Or maybe the tat has just faded a bit and is harder to see in these new paparazzi photos, due to distance, lighting, etc? Or perhaps, for whatever reason, Bieber is wearing makeup to cover the tat?

We're curious to know what's going on, so we'll be keeping our eyes out for the ink in future Bieber sightings. Let us know what you think happened to the face tattoo.

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