The Texas panhandle and west Texas have been home to several iconic artists, musicians, and authors through the years. That includes one of America's greatest artists who spent time in Canyon.

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How Georgia O'Keeffe Wound Up In The Texas Panhandle

You have to go back to before West Texas A&M was known as West Texas A&M. In the fall of 1916, she was hired on to teach and head up the art department of the West Texas State Normal College.

She would head up the art department for WT until 1918. During this time she was still experimenting with watercolor.

Alfred Stieglitz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Alfred Stieglitz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia O'Keeffe Found Inspiration In The Panhandle

It's hard to imagine how any artist, much less the "Mother of American modernism", couldn't be inspired by the landscape we call home.

Supposedly, Georgia loved the sunrise and sunset in the Texas panhandle. Of course, she spent her fair share of time taking in everything that Palo Duro Canyon had to offer.

Canyon Wasn't The Only Panhandle Town O'Keeffe Once Called Home

No, she also spent a little time in Amarillo. From 1912 to 1914, Georgia taught art in Amarillo schools.

How crazy would it be to study art in school, only for your instructor to wind up being considered one of the most influential painters in our nation's history?

The Lasting Impact Of West Texas On American Art

While her time in the Texas panhandle was relatively short, the impact of her time here is long lasting. Some of her most famous work was done here.

You never know who you'll find when you go digging through west Texas history.

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