Okay, be honest here. When you were a kid, you and your friends would get sauced up on some Jolt cola and either go out to TP someone's house or ding dong ditch the neighbors, right? I know that's what I did, but I NEVER went to the level of a couple of people here in Amarillo have
In this doorbell security camera footage posted by local resident Ali Mills onto Facebook, two people roll up on the lawn riding horses. They slowly creep them up to the door, push that doorbell, then bolt for it like they just broke out of the gates at a horse race. Hands down the most creative ding dong ditch I've ever seen in my life.
You see, the key to this age old game is the getaway. You have to be able to have a clear path and your PF Flyers on (sorry for the Sandlot reference) in order to not get caught.
When I was younger, I had some speed in me, so I managed to getaway 95% of the time without getting caught. The one time I didn't make it out alive is because I tripped on their milk box in the walkway. It was at that moment I thought to myself there has to be a better way...but never in a million years would I have thought about using a horse.
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The obvious upside to this of course, they're fast, nimble, and can be gone in a flash-- as you can see from the video. However, what would've happened had the horse been at a bad angle and run into the wall? Maybe this majestic creature would've gotten spooked and bucked you right off at getaway time.
Regardless, I gotta hand it to them. It's the best one I've seen in years. Now, how do I get my hands on a giraffe for the next time I wanna TP those really high trees in someone's yard?

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