I really did not want to have to make this post. It seemed like so many wanted to be first to break the news that we just didn't know what to believe. The rapper DMX (Dark Man X) has passed away at the age of 50. When I tell you I was a fan of DMX, you have no idea.

I remember working at radio station Power 92 and Get At Me Dog was blazing the airwaves. Anticipation was extremely high for his debut album. I had to do a commercial for one of the local record stores selling it at midnight, and I was in line to get my copy. In less than a year, he released another platinum selling album that had all the rides blazing. The world was already hoping for the best as he had fell ill over a week ago. But tonight is not the news I wanted to hear at all.

DMX, along with singer Aaliyah, blazed Romeo Must Die and he also had several other roles where he showcased his talent. It was just a few months ago that he was in the studio again with Swizz Beats. Apparently, they were working on a new album.

I also saw Yung Bleu got a feature from him earlier this year. This one really hurt not only the Hip Hop community but those who really wanted him to have the comeback story of the year. My condolences to his family and kids. He is truly going to be missed, but we have so much great music to listen to and great memories of one of the best to ever do it.

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