I have worked in the food service industry and I have friends around town who have worked in the food service industry. We made a list of the unwritten rules for eating at any Amarillo restaurants. Pay close attention.

1. Do not show up before closing. The wait staff will hate you.

2. Unless you are that cute little old couple that comes in every Tuesday, don't sit on the same side of the booth.

3. Do not snap your fingers at the waiter unless you are ready to die.

4. Do not ask for too many changes in your order. Asking for a salad instead of fries is ok. Making the second change is ok but a third or fourth will get you on the crud list.

5. Don't split a check 10 ways. Pay with cash or tell the rich person at the table to cover it. Waitstaff will say they don't mind, but they HATE doing that.

6. Don't hang around when you are done eating. You are taking up space. A space waiters and waitresses need to keep making their money. MOVE IT!!

7. Don't be the only person ordering coffee. If you are with a group and everyone orders coffee and dessert, that's ok. But if you are the one keeping everyone there. You are pretty much-breaking rule 6 and 7.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have a few you want to add? Tell us in the comment section below.


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