When people were asked which American accent is the sexiest, here what they said.

Babbel Magazine recently did a survey asking Europeans to rank the American accents by sexiness. According to this survey, here is the the top 5 sexiest American accents.

1. 20% said that the Southern accent is the sexiest

2. 18% said New Yorkers have a sexy accent

3. 17% said they would date a person from Boston because of their accent

4. Southern California got 16% of the vote

5.  Texas received 14% of the vote.

6. Midwestern got 10% of the vote

7. Only 5% said Minnesota had a sexy accent

There are few I am shocked to see not make the list. Like people from Jersey or how we say it, Jerzee.

Is there one you think should have been on the list? Does Texas REALLY have a sexy accent? Which area of the country do you think has the sexiest accent? Tell us in the comment section below what you think.

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