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Does Harry Styles Have a Secret TikTok?

A number of Harry Styles fans are speculating that the singer has a top-secret TikTok account (@terrytome) where he has been teasing unreleased music. (via Dazed)

Twitter Gets Surge of New Users

According to Twitter, the platform's average daily user growth jumped by 34% in Q2, marking the largest jump ever recorded for the social networking app. The number of daily active users increased to 186 million according to their report. (via K Love)

It’s Officially Leo Season!

If you've found a sudden increase in confidence, it could have to do with the sun entering Leo season. Leo is a fiery, self-expressive sign full of fun and creativity. The vibe is upbeat, charming and full of personality. This is a perfect time for a summer glow up! (via Cosmopolitan)

Elon Musk Says Headphones Are a Thing of the Past, Wants To Use Brain Chip

Elon Musk is a firm believer in the Neuralink implant, a brain chip used to listen to music. The chip implanted by a surgical robot and is thinner than a human hair, featuring an external processor behind the ear. There have been successful tests on mice and apes, and there were plans to test on humans before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. (via WPST)

Fans Can Participate in New Mac Miller Project

Mac Miller’s legacy will be maintained by his estate and former record label. Fans can expect a new project, which they can also participate in. On Twitter, his label, Warner Records, encouraged fans to leave voice mails using a toll-free number that has been set up for stories, thoughts and wishes. There is no word about what the project will be used for yet. (via WPST)

NFL To Require Face Masks

For teams who plan to allow fans to attend football games, fans in attendance will be required to wear a face mask. NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed the guideline via Twitter this week. (via People)

Does Tom Holland Have a Girlfriend?

Tom Holland has been seen with actress Nadia Parkes. The two have been reportedly living together during quarantine. (via Capital FM)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Announces Spinoff Show

RuPaul’s Drag Race is expanding with a new show in Las Vegas.

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