With temperatures plunging in the Texas panhandle, stray dogs are incredibly vulnerable to the extreme cold temperatures. Forecasters expect temperatures to fall to at least 11 below zero over the weekend.

Two local rescue groups are reaching out and asking for your help. Gracie’s Group and SCAR (Second Chance Animal Rescue) are looking for assistance to save animals from the extreme weather.

From Gracie’s Group Facebook:


Hey everyone I am reaching out to try and get some help and get a plan in place for this cold weather... the calls and messages have already started about dogs freezing dumped in the country and in town so we definitely need your help!! We have a couple of facilities but we are over full with not even a spot to put up a crate!! My house has way too many inside so I couldn’t even bring another one inside if I wanted to because I am out of room!!! We have to help these animals we cannot leave them out to freeze to death through the weekend I’m asking either for fosters to step up and help even if it’s to stick a dog in a crate in your garage till this weather goes over or if you can donate any amount so we can start putting some in boarding as a last resort just to get them through and not die over the weekend with the cold and that way it gives us some time to work on where to place them once the cold is over! This weather is a rescuers worst nightmare because there’s so many in need and so few of us to help! I have reached out to get some help from a few boarding places to try and give us a little break but still waiting to hear back.. please help us help these babies!! Please put cold weather on the note of your donation. THANK YOU!


Please do all you can to reach out and help these fine people who care for animals that no-one else does anymore.

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