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Doja Cat Tests Positive for COVID-19

Back in March, Doja Cat downplayed COVID-19 to her followers. She claimed it was just the flu and to take “Mucinex.” On Friday (July 24), however, she confirmed that she has been diagnosed with the virus. (via BuzzFeed News)

U.S. Ranked One of the Worst Countries To Raise Family

The United States has been named the second-worst wealthy nation to raise a family in 2020, according to research by travel site Asher & Lyric. Each nation was ranked by safety, happiness, cost, health, education and other elements. America reportedly ranked first in school shootings, and also came in fourth worst for human rights defined as “protection against enslavement, the right to free speech and the right to education.” (via NY Post)

Hospital Officials Warn of Dangers of 'Benadryl Challenge'

Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas had to treat three teens for Benadryl overdoses. The teens reportedly suffered hallucinations, irregular heartbeats, seizures and other medical issues. They teens all claimed that they saw a post on TikTok that had claimed people could get high and experience hallucinations if they took a dozen or more pills of the allergy medicine. (via Texarkana Gazette)

Ohio Man Loses 200 Pounds To Ride Roller Coaster

Jared Ream, a roller coaster enthusiast, said he was motivated to lose almost half his body weight to be able to ride a new roller coaster coming to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. He has rode over 295 roller coasters, but gave up on his goal to 300 due to his size. He lost over 190 pounds in 321 days in order to be able to ride the roller coaster and continue his goal to 300 roller coasters. (via People)

Post Malone’s World Beer Pong League Is Closer To Reality

Post Malone is creating a beer pong league, which is his favorite drinking game. He is looking to obtain the rights to “World Pong League” and has even filed to trademark the name. According to TMZ, Post wants to operate official beer pong tournaments, competitions, events and exhibitions. (via TMZ)

Chainsmokers Concert Being Investigated By NY Department of Health

The Chainsmokers held a massive fundraiser concert in the Hamptons over the weekend. The plan was to social distance, but it did not seem to work and even prompted an investigation from the New York Department of Health. (via TMZ)

Oprah Winfrey Teams Up With Apple TV+ for New Series

Oprah Winfrey is hosting a new series on Apple TV+, which will continue her conversations on relevant topics with world-renowned thought leaders. The show premieres July 30. (via People)

'Friends' Cookbook To Release in September

The official Friends cookbook will release September 22. The book was announced back in May, but there are some recipes already available online now. (via People)

Tana Mongeau Apologizes for Attending Party Amid COVID-19

YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who posted videos while attending a large party during the COVID-19 pandemic, issued an apology on Sunday (July 26) after being called out. (via People)

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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