If President Donald Trump's very first State of the Union address Tuesday night (January 30) felt like the song that wouldn't end, the notion wasn't too far off — it was one of the longest in history, according to USA Today. Thankfully, though, the extensive GOP cheers, requisite applause breaks and meme-worthy moments offered plenty of time for celebs to react to the annual oration on Twitter.

A mix of Hollywood stars, public-facing politicians and internet personalities reacted to Trump's message, which centered on continued efforts to curb immigration and ratchet up the United States' nuclear capabilities, on Twitter. Some, like Elizabeth Warren, earnestly called for continued resistance, while others like Chance the Rapper, simply expressed their total disinterest in Trump's words, and the seeming obsequiousness of the GOP.

And then, there were stars like Elizabeth Banks, who gave listening to Trump's sentiments a sincere try, but eventually had to call it quits.

“I tried. I listened but the amount of BS and stunts and questions raised that will never be answered made me throw my remote and now I am listening to Tom Petty and am a better American for it,” she noted on Twitter.

Look at the best, worst and most blehhhhh reactions to Donald Trump's State of the Union address below.

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