If you made it to last week’s installment of June Jazz, you can probably agree that long-time local favorites, Polk Street Jazz, did not disappoint.

Made up of Jim Gardner (piano), Doug Storey (clarinet/sax), Nick Scales (bass), Susan Martin Tariq (percussion), and Sandy Storey (vocals), the band brings the talent and confident ease so admired in a good jazz performance while staying upbeat and fun.

Growing every year, filling more and more of the open space around AC’s Experimental Theater with lively conversation, bright laughter, and excited anticipation for the show to begin. People and pets lounged scattered amongst their blankets, chairs, umbrellas, and ice chests. Once the band started, the bigger crowd added energy to the peppy performance executed by Polk Street Jazz. Couples jumped up during certain songs to dance in the open space cleared in front of the stage.

Something new this year was the food truck offering concession-style snacks. Amarillo College’s own honor society Phi Theta Kappa rolled out a tent selling ice water, cookies, and chips.

The band stuck to the schedule, but it didn’t feel like the show had been going for an hour and a half, and the park cleared slowly once the music ended, families, couples, and friends lingered on the grass, enjoying the last of the quickly-waning light before packing up.

If you missed last week, however, don’t worry! There are still two more free performances. This coming Tuesday, July 3, June Jazz welcomes AC and NYU Alumnus Austin Brazille to the stage, and the following, July 10, Amarillo’s Esquire Jazz Band closes out the series.

Don’t forget, if you just can’t make it to the show, AC’s FM90 (89.9 FM or kacvfm.org) broadcasts each show live. Just tune in from 7:30-9 p.m.!

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