The White House has no shortage of evil bald men, but consider it officially down one. Watch Mike Myers bring his most evil Austin Powers character out of cryo-stasis, as Jimmy Fallon consults with the latest White House castoff.

Myers resurrected Dr. Evil in a new Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon sketch, as the Bond villain parody discussed his exit from the Trump administration – fire, fury, evil and all. Apparently he and Ben Carson had even struck up a rapport, but the idea of spending $30,000 on office furniture was too evil for him. The character even took credit for the infamous wall project, but is it weird to admit a moat full of “spiky blowfish” might make more palatable border security?

And while the specter of another Austin Powers movie is always looming overhead, Dr. Evil says we can expect him back in the public spotlight, releasing his tell-all book and inevitably running for President with running mate Mark Zuckerberg. It’s nice to know Myers hasn’t lost his touch (and admittedly looks the part a little more), but forgive us if we’re still not 100% keen on Jimmy Fallon trying to wring laughs out of actual issues.

You can watch the full clip above, and stay tuned for more.

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