Drake is a huge sports fan, referencing athletes in his lyrics and showing up in locker rooms around the country. With the NBA season still months away however, the Toronto Raptors ambassador and court side staple had to get creative with his live game intake, showing up at a college volleyball game in California on Thursday (Sept. 8) to support his goddaughter.

Naturally, students in attendance freaked all the way out, posting photos to Twitter and capturing the rapper at the concession stand while an enormous body guard looks out for trouble. Drizzy's Summer Sixteen tour is currently on the west coast for a three date stay in Los Angeles before hitting Las Vegas and Oakland, so the geography and timing works out, but the motivation remains a mystery.

In the thank you notes for If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Drake writes, "This tape is for...Everybody that reaches volleyball, Everybody that ever reached skating and paradise." It is a cryptic note that first reads like a misprint for "teaching" considering the handwritten font the text of that album is written in. The plausibility that Drake is just a big volleyball fan, cheering in the stands for every bump, set, spike, seems relatively high.

Check the tweets below to see Drake taking in the match, one attendee captioning a photo with "for y'all, who doesn't believe me."

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