Living in Amarillo, we have access to one of the most incredible things on the planet. Palo Duro Canyon. Also known as the second-largest canyon in America. There is so much to do, and so many things to explore. Caves, trails, etc.

Multiple different events are held there, and this one is one of the best ones around.

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It's the 17th annual 24 Hours In The Canyon, and it's back for 2023. The event will be held June 3-4 this year. If you don't know about the event, it's pretty amazing. A bunch of people hop on their bicycles and travel all throughout Palo Duro Canyon, and while they do it for enjoyment, they also do it for an incredible cause.

The event is a benefit to help raise money for the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation where they are doing some great things to help try and beat cancer, along with other illnesses.

The beautiful part about this event is you have so many different types of events you can enter, so you don't have to be some professional or avid type of rider to participate. They've got options for the hardcore bikers, a kid's race, a hill climb event, as well as different types of non-competitive ones you can jump into.

Not all runs are 24 hours long, some are 12 hours, and others are even shorter. We don't all have the same type of training and endurance. Signup for all the different events is going on right now, and the earlier you sign up, the cheaper it is. Discounts are being given to early entrants into the event.

To get more info on the event, or to get signed up, you can click here.

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