Dustin Poirier is calling out Conor McGregor claiming that he never followed through with a promised donation to his charity.

Before Poirier and McGregor faced off in UFC 257, McGregor made a promise to donate $500,000 to The Good Fight Foundation. Poirier thanked McGregor publically for the charitable donation because both teams had reportedly exchanged banking information and were working on final transfer details.

But according to The Diamond, McGregor's team went radio silent after his second-round TKO of McGregor.

This was surprising to read given the fact that McGregor was the one who initiated the plans for the charitable donation in the first place.

McGregor publically responded to Poirier on Twitter, suggesting that non-payment was due to the fact that Poirier's foundation never provided details on where the money would be used.

Poirier quickly clapped back, claiming that his foundation has reached out multiple times to share details with McGregor's team but has gotten zero response.

Someone suggested that this was all a fabricated confrontation to add hype to the planned July 10 rematch between Poirier and McGregor. Poirier said that couldn't be any farther from the truth.

As it stands, it seems as if Poirier has moved past the snub but it's hard to believe that this situation won't carry over into the octagon come July 10 where The Diamond plans to get "paid in full."

Check out the full story here via MMA Junkie.

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