Fans of 'The Hunger Games' got a big let down when E! News promised new 'Catching Fire' footage and failed to deliver. But was it all just a misunderstanding?

In a since-deleted tweet, E! News wrote, "Tonight on E! News: We have brand new #CatchingFire footage! Tune in at 7 & 11:30 for your sneak peek!"

However, the footage turned out to be a simple "thank you" video that Lions Gate made for fans once they reached 10 million Facebook likes -- and the movie footage was comprised of snippets from a 'Catching Fire' trailer that had already been released. Yikes!

'Hunger Games' fiends took to the Internet to blast the network and blog about the incident like crazy. E! News tweeted an apology:

Will it be enough to appease the angry mobs? May the odds ever be in their favor!

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