I have recently become the person that looks for great deals.  The price of food keeps rising and my income isn't, so I have to find the best prices on groceries.  So I started researching how to save money on shopping.  I found some easy awesome ways to save money on grocery shopping..

Stephen Vanhorn
Stephen Vanhorn

Walmart has recently released a new program that helps you save money.  What you do is after you finish your shopping you go to their website or their app and enter your receipt.  They will search for a lower price with their competitors.  If they find it, they will refund you that money into a eGift card.  I went grocery shopping the other day and entered my receipt and earn $1.96 back.  It may not sound like a lot, but I plan on leaving it until it builds up and then I'll have a chunk of money to use at Walmart.

I love this site.  I haven't ever really been a couponer, except when I can save on pet food or toilet paper or makeup.  However, I found this site.  You go in and electronically clip coupons.  You can go and choose which ones you want and once they are chosen you go and print them off and you have coupons in hand when you go shopping.  I saved over $3 on my shopping the other day.  Again, not a lot, but it is $3 I didn't have to pay.

I was introduced to this app a few months ago.  Each week they release new deals.  After you go shopping you upload your receipt to the app and choose the products you purchased and it will store your amount of savings.  Once you reach $20 you can opt to have them send you a check.  It takes a few minutes, but heck if I get money back then it is well worth the time.

I haven't tried this out yet, but the next time I have to go shopping I will.  You enter your grocery list and it will automatically find coupons for everything on your shopping list.

I love this site.  If I am buying online, I hop onto retailmenot.com and search for the store I'm online shopping with and they will pull a savings code.  Sometimes, there are great codes for the store I'm shopping, sometimes, nothing.  It is kind of hit or miss.


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