With a crazy storm comes some crazy things in the morning. Not always, but sometimes for sure. The storm we got last night brought some very needed rain and moisture to Amarillo, but it also created havoc.

When I woke up this morning, there was an email from someone that was already in the building. It was to inform us that the massive generator behind our building was running and power was a bit sporadic.

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I shower and head into the building. Sure enough, it was patchy in here for light. My office only had half of the florescent lights working, and literally nothing else. Strange to say the least.

Into the studio I go to work on some other things, everything in there is working beautifully, but it's designed to do that. We have special power outlets in there that keep everything running. Pretty cool right?

Can't say the same for the neighborhood close to the station. Xcel was out there early this morning working on getting power back to them, and from what we can tell, they succeeded. However, we were still without power once they were done. We thought for sure that would get us back up and running.

We call Xcel and run into some issues. They're trying to find us, but can't seem to. No worries, we just wanna know when we're getting our power back. They inform us there are 10 transformers they're aware of in the city that blew out during the storm. Needless to say, we weren't exactly alone.

My boss and I head outside to check the fuel in the generator to make sure we have enough. Plenty in there. However, while we're trying to open the generator to check the fuel, an Xcel worker was right next to us up in the crane working on restoring a transformer.

BANG! Right in our ear, and even closer for the Xcel worker. Well, guess there's 11 blown transformers now.

Long story short here, it's 12:31pm as I type this, and we are still without power in the building. In fact, we have even LESS power than we did this morning. I'm typing this in the dark. It's kind of cool, but pretty inconvenient. I'm just hoping the battery on my laptop doesn't die before I can finish this stor...

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