There are people on this Earth who weren't this fired up for The Force Awakens.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Candace Payne, a woman who is so thrilled with her new purchase Merriam-Webster needs to invent a new word to describe it.

Payne treated herself to a Chewbacca mask that makes his infamous sound whenever you open your mouth while wearing it. She took to Facebook to explain why she bought it. The first half of the video is normal (or as normal as normal can be for a grown woman who is giddy over buying a Wookie mask), but she really goes bonkers in the second half once she puts it on and it makes the Chewbacca noise with the kind of laughter Carrot Top wishes he could get at his shows.

Pity those poor kids of hers who are going to have a tough time getting to play with the mask. In the end, though, this birthday present to herself certainly does the job -- it just makes her plain ol' happy and isn't attaining that kind of joy what life is all about?