The end of the year always brings hope, joy, and parties. I love all three of those things about ringing in the new year.

With the parties typically comes alcohol, and that always seems to liven up the party. I mean, what's New Year's without having some cocktails and champagne?

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Well, if you're planning on partaking in those tasty libations, you need to think about what you're going to do once the clock has struck midnight and the party is over. The last thing you want to do is start off 2023 by making a really stupid decision.

Amarillo Police Department is going to try and make your decision a little bit easier by upping the patrol on the streets and watching closely for those who appear to have decided to drive themselves home after hammering down some drinks.

Sgt. Burr of APD says, “A lot of people like to have alcohol and no one’s saying you can’t, but be responsible and get a sober ride.” There it is, get a sober ride. There are SO many different options out there when it comes to that. Whether it be that friend or family member who doesn't drink or dialing up a cab or rideshare service, it'll save you a headache that you don't want to kick the new year off with.

APD will be looking for other violations that have a tendency to happen around the holidays as well, such as not wearing your seatbelt, speeding, and driving distracted. It's not JUST DWI they're on the lookout for.

That said, extra officers have been hired to be on the lookout for those possible DWI's so don't think you can just slip away from it. Make the smart decision this New Year and find a sober ride home.

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