According to Netflix, the most watched movie in the company’s history is ExtractionNot Roma, not Bird Box, not Fear Street, not The Irishman, not 6 Underground. Extraction, with Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary named Tyler Rake who is hired to perform a (dramatic pause) extraction of an Indian drug kingpin’s kidnapped son. Netflix claims it’s been watched by 99 million households.

The film appeared to end with Tyler Rake’s death — although its final scene showed a brief glimpse of a guy who could have been him, miraculously alive. Then the movie became a massive success on Extraction and reports appeared that the Russo brothers — who produced and co-wrote the film — were working on a sequel.

Clearly, those reports were correct. As part of Netflix’s online Tudum event, a teaser was shown announcing that Extraction 2 is indeed in the works, and that Hemsworth will return in the film as the (apparently unkillable!) Tyler Rake. Watch it below:

So there you go: Look for Extraction 2: Rake’s Revenge (or whatever they actually call it) coming to Netflix soon. Will it be watched by more people than the original film?

The Most Watched Netflix Movies Ever

(These numbers refer to the number of accounts that tuned in during a film’s first 28 days of release. To qualify, ann account had to watch at least two minutes of a movie.)
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