You'd have to have lived under a rock if you aren't aware of The Nat Ballroom's insanely rich history and the incredible historical value it holds to Amarillo, Texas.

The iconic building located at 2705 SW 6th Ave is over 100 years old and still kicking. While it may seem like a nice, quiet antique mall these days, that wasn't the case during the post-War years.

When The Music Started

A man named Harry Badger bought The Nat in the 1930s. He was the one to give The Nat its castle-like facade and the side entrance that faces 6th street. He also gave the building a new name: The Nat Dine and Dance Place.

Fast forward to the 1940s, a Dr. William Maddox purchased The Nat and started bringing in musical acts that catered to the taste of servicemen stationed at the nearby Amarillo Air Force Base.

When it Began, Ended, then Began Once More...Then Ended

The Nat closed down as a dance hall in the 1960s after some costly legal suits were filed against Dr. Maddox. It was used for community events and parties, but nothing quite like the big band heyday.

It was declared a Texas Historical Landmark in 1995 and was partially converted into a bookstore. Sometime after that, around the 2000s, a fella named Branden Mann took over and he booked some phenomenal musical acts that rivaled that of the Route 66 days.

Mann passed on the torch in 2011. The following year, The Nat re-opened as the antique mall we know it as today.

So, Exactly What Kind of Bands and Musicians Have Graced The Nat's Stage?

Excellent question: a lot. For example, Little Richard performed on August 23, 1956. Not only that, he was arrested for taking his shirt off on stage. Yes, really

Some of the biggest names in music have performed on The Nat's stage, no lie. Just take a look below.

LOOK: Famous Musicians Who Played At The Nat Ballroom

It's no secret that The Nat Ballroom on Old Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas has seen some of America's most legendary musicians perform on stage. Take a look at some of the well-known names that have been the star of the show at The Nat over the years.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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