It's every family's nightmare.

Three women crossed into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on March 3 in a white Toyota Corolla. It is believed they were on their way to a medical appointment there. They've not been seen since.

Here's a photo of the vehicle they were driving, including license plate number:

Photo source: KENS5 YouTube Channel
Photo source: KENS5 YouTube Channel

The missing women are Perla Ercia, 38, Blasa Guadalupe Palomo, 38, and Blasa's daughter who has the same name but goes by the name of 'Lupita,' 18.

Blasa lives in Laredo and is a business owner. She has long black hair and dark brown eyes, weighs around 200 pounds and is 5'3" tall. Other identifying markers are her tattoos: a 'Medusa' tattoo on her shoulder and a snake on her lower arm. The clothes she was last seen in were a black tee, shoes, and pants.

Her 18-year-old daughter, 'Lupita,' was last seen in a red sweatshirt, is 5'3", has brown eyes, and long, blue-black ombre-colored hair. She's approximately 150 pounds.

Perla Ercia was last seen wearing a black shirt and has a wrist tattoo--an infinity sign. She's approximately 5'5" and 250 pounds.

Although the FBI didn't give their reasons, they believe it's highly probable the women were kidnapped. Why would they have been kidnapped? Could be any number of reasons. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity, plans to seek ransom, or any other number of possible criminal activity.

It's not likely the women just decided not to return, for various reasons. Between the three women, there are six children and other vulnerable family members at home. In addition, Lupita is in need of medication daily due to her medical condition.

In cases like this, time is incredibly crucial. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these women, or about what may have happened once they crossed into Mexico, please contact the FBI San Antonio Division: 210-225-6741. If you'd prefer, you can submit any information online at You may also remain anonymous.

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