An argument that began through social media escalated to something most e-thugs and trolls don't expect.  It got REAL!  Some Amarillo ladies took the poke on Facebook a little to seriously, and poked a girl in the face with a glass bottle, cutting her face and landing her in the hospital.

Tuesday night, officers responded to a home in the 1600 block of NW 17th on a disorderly conduct call.

Officers found at least six females when they arrived, and I'm guessing they looked like trouble.

They spoke to a resident who told them that two females came to her house to attempt to fight with her.  These same two had done the exact same thing the night before, and she had called the police to make them leave.

This time, a physical altercation took place near the front of the house and possibly into the yard.

"No one still at the scene was injured.  Before officers could leave, they learned that a BF age 18 was at a local hospital, suffering from a cut or stab wound on her face.  She was one of the people involved in the incident.  The initial investigation indicates that two females came to the home on NW17th, and were involved in some type of assault or disturbance with one or more people.  During this, someone at the residence hit one of them in the face with a glass bottle.  The glass bottle broke and left a laceration on one woman’s face.  That woman was admitted to the hospital.  Officers also spoke to the second female that came to the home on NW 17th.  She was not injured.  Investigators are attempting to determine the exact circumstances that led up to the woman being hit in the face.  There were no arrests and investigators are evaluating witness information and physical evidence to determine if criminal charges may apply.  The dispute stems from an ongoing dispute that had included communication through social media."

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