UPDATE (3/2): The full trailer has arrived, courtesy of The Ellen Show! Watch up top to see what "the famous fish with a big heart and a bad memory" is up to in Finding Dory.


Finding Nemo's Dory once famously advised "Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!" But it seems she, herself, should stop and consider her path before pressing forward.

In a teaser for Finding Dory, the sequel to Disney/Pixar's 2003 underwater adventure film, the sea's most forgetful blue tang has a sudden revelation...we think. Suffice it to say, her short-term memory issues have made it a little tough to decipher, but in the clip above, the character, famously voiced by Ellen Degeneres, is no less inclined to brave the high seas to figure it out the truth behind her cloudy vision.

After a night spent sleep-swimming, Dory admits to Nemo and his dad, Marlin: "I remembered something! That's not possible, is it?" More amnesia follows before her mind readjusts and she bellows "My family! They're out there somewhere!" Then, she sets off like a Formula One racer through the current. Her final destination? She and we have no idea, but at this pace, she'll get there in no time.

"I’ve been waiting to show you this for ten years," Degeneres, whose talk show exclusively premiered the preview, tweeted upon its release.

Degeneres first announced the production of Finding Dory in 2013 after jokingly lamenting the fact that every other successful animated franchise earned multiple sequels except for Nemo. "[It's] the most fun in the world to play Dory," she told an incredibly excited audience. "I'm excited that it's finally happening and I read the script. It's fantastic, it's hilarious, it's warm, it's everything that you want it to be."

Watch the teaser above, and hang tight for Finding Dory's release next June!

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