Broadway Street was on fire Saturday night after Texas Tech's win in the Final Four. Lime Scooters and a couch were burned up by fans.

According to local photographer Topher Covarrubio, the pile of debris left in the middle of the street contained "leftover glass from the overturned car...and the burned up Lime scooters that students used."

A couch was burned during the late-night incident, and a car was flipped and used as a seat. One video posted to social media showed a student riding a Lime Scooter while it was on fire.

Texas Tech's Final Four win has set up a Championship Round between the Red Raiders and the Virginia Cavaliers on Monday night, April 8th.

See the pictures, taken by Topher Covarrubio of NeverEnding Memories Photography, below.

Aftermath of party on Broadway and University

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