Everyone loves the fourth of July in Amarillo. Everyone loves fireworks, it’s a national time to show off our red white and blue. Every year we see on the news someone either injured or doing something dumb. Don’t end up on the news or on my blog.

Randall County Sherriff’s department has these guidelines for a safe and legal fourth of July here in Amarillo.

If you are planning on shooting off fireworks in Amarillo City limits, here are the rules:

It must be done on private property with the property owners’ permission.

Fireworks can not be discharged on any public roadways, streets, or city property.

Publicly owned areas such as school parking lots, county or state-maintained buildings and parking areas are off limits to fireworks or alcohol consumption.

The Randall County Sherriff’s office will have extra patrol on duty the night of July fourth. Citations will be issued for any violation witnessed during the discharge of fireworks from public roadways, right of ways and other public areas as mentioned.

Keep in mind that fireworks do start fires. You could be held on charges and pay any damages incurred by negligence relating to fireworks that you discharge, including property and life.


Have a safe and FUN fourth of July!


p.s. please don’t set off any fireworks after 11pm in the Town Square Village area I’m a light sleeper.



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