Rapper Flavor Flav is some hot water, legally speaking. The boisterous member of Public Enemy was arrested in Las Vegas this morning (Oct. 17) for assaulting someone with a deadly weapon inside his home. Whoa! What's up with Flav and why did things get so heated at his crib?

Well, we're not exactly sure.

According to TMZ, authorities claim that Flav got into a heated, um, discussion with a teenager inside the home and with his fiancée. That's when the fiancée decided to call 911 to intervene. We don't know if the teenager involved in the argument is Flav's offspring.

Flav –William Drayton, Jr. on his birth certificate -- threatened one person with a knife and then resorted to using physical force with the other. At press time, it is not clear who he threatened and who he assaulted.

Sounds like not much is clear but that Flav was incredibly mad and took action.

He was arrested at 3AM and booked on a charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon and a battery charge of misdemeanor domestic violence. He is being held on bail to the tune of $23,000.

We hope everyone involved is doing okay in the aftermath of this drama.

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