After launching a Kickstarter to fund a Las Vegas variety show, Flavor Flav may have to start another campaign to help him pay the IRS.

According to a report from Bossip, the rapper has been hit with a federal lien for $3.1 million in back taxes and has been accused of failing to pay taxes for more 10 years from 2005 to 2015. The lien shows that much of Flav's debt—$1.4 million—came in 2007 when he was filming the second season of Flavor of Love.

It's also not Flavor Flav's first time dealing with Uncle Sam. In 2012, Flav was hit with a lien for nearly $1 million in tax debt. It's uncertain if the rapper has paid anything on that lien. The IRS will now try to collect tax debts and could garnish Flav's income or seize his assets.

Flavor Flav's latest problems come after the Public Enemy artist was attacked in a Las Vegas casino in January. The 58-year-old rapper was at the South Point Casino when suspect Ugandi Howard accused him of disrespecting his mother. The man then started attacking Flav, punching him in the face and kicking him while he was on the ground.

In December, the artist launched a Kickstarter to raise $150,000 for a varsity show. "The first is that we really want to move quickly without waiting for all the approvals and censors that come with traditional shows, and offer music at the same time because you can't have TV without music," he said about his campaign. A pilot for the show is scheduled to film in April.

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