A lot of the time, our drink choices come down to a preference. I'm not talking about WHAT we drink, I'm talking more about the style in which we enjoy it the best.

For example, when it comes to beer, it's either a can, a bottle, or a draft. Personally, I prefer draft beers, but again, that's just a preference. I love a good Corona, and 95% of the time, you can only get it in a bottle or can. When I find it on draft though, it's impossible to pass up.

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Another beverage we tend to consume a lot is soda, or pop, depending on where you're from. Soft drinks come in the same manner as beer, except draft is called fountain. It seems that fountain is THE way to go when it comes to consuming soft drinks.

There's a myriad of reasons as to why people prefer fountain drinks. One, it's always more cost efficient. You can get way more soda for far less than the cost of a 20 ounce bottle. The other piece of the puzzle here is the syrup to carbonated water ratio.

With fountain drinks, you can control how much syrup gets mixed in with the soda water. Some places seem to be a bit more generous with the syrup than others, thus giving the soda a much richer or sweeter taste, allowing you to taste more soda than water in essence. You just get more flavor.

So where can we find the best fountain drinks in Amarillo? This question was asked in a Reddit thread and there were a few different answers, but one was overwhelmingly the winner.

That title went to Hud's in a landslide. A lot of users commented on their Cherry Lime, however when it just came to a good ol' fashioned soda, it was THE spot to get it from.

McDonald's got a couple of votes, but ONLY for their Coca Cola. I will say there is something about the Coke at McDonald's that just hits different.

Pak-A-Sak nabbed a vote as far as convenience stores go, as did QuikTrip, but QT isn't exactly IN Amarillo. Who else has a fountain drink that is just flat-out irresistible?

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