Queen’s official website confirms news that’s been rumored for months: The Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic, which is apparently called Bohemian Rhapsody, is moving forward with Mr. Robot star Rami Malek in the lead role as Mercury. The movie will be directed by Bryan Singer, who will apparently take a break from superhero blockbusters to make a very different kind of movie. (Although Freddie Mercury’s voice might qualify as a mutant superpower.)

Here’s what Queen’s site said about the film:

...Singer is the man who will be bringing the Queen and Freddie story alive. If you’ve ever seen Singer’s X-Men films, or the groundbreaking movie The Usual Suspects, you’ll know this is a director with extraordinary imagination and style. A perfect choice to recreate the fabulous Queen years which brought us such unforgettable moments as Live Aid, which we can reveal will be faithfully recreated for a key sequence the film.

Rami Malek has signed up to take on the challenging rôle of Freddie Mercury.  Who could imagine a more perfect fit than this brilliant actor ? At this stage you probably know him best for TV’s Mr Robot. Roger [Taylor] and Brian [May] told QOL: ‘Rami has great presence and he’s utterly dedicated to the project. He’s completely living and breathing Freddie already, which is wonderful.’

Is that wonderful? Okay, whatever.

The the most famous previous attempt at a Mercury movie had Sacha Baron Cohen in the starring role, but he sparred with Queen about his approach to the material and the film fell apart. Based on this announcement, the band is clearly more impressed with Malek and his interpretation. For now.

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