We here at ScreenCrush are connoisseurs of the fine art of bad DVD cover art, particularly when it appears on bootleg discs. We love when a bootleg mistakenly puts Arnold Schwarzenegger into Star Wars, or confuses Heath Ledger’s Joker with the Crow, or misspells a title like “The Passion of the Cheist.” Yes, these bootlegs are illegal, and no, you should not buy them. But you should definitely laugh at their terrible covers.

Fate of the Furious bootleg, which combines the movie’s actual poster art with the infamous crowd shot of this year’s Academy Awards reacting in shock as 
Moonlight was revealed as the true winner of the Best Picture Oscar:

Fast & Furious heist built around stealing an Oscar while
Dwayne Johnson sits dumbfounded in the audience. Also, look, that’s Meryl Streep sitting in front of The Rock! How great would a 
Fast movie be with Meryl Streep? It would be pretty freaking great. She could the ultimate driver, the only woman on the planet capable of besting
Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto in a one-on-one race. That’s my pitch for 
The Streep and the Furious, coming to theaters in April 2019.

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