Future fans believe the Atlanta rapper channels Ciara in his new song off his Save Me EP.

Shortly after Future Hendrix dropped off his brand new project on Friday morning (June 7), the Future Hive began buzzing about how his new song "Shotgun" reminds them of Ciara's 2006 song "Promise." The song's instrumental features similar melodies as the popular cut off Ciara: The Evolution, however, the singer is not listed in the song's writing credits.

"Got a crystal pool, got a MAC-11/Got a chef that's whippin' up lobster spaghetti," Future spits on the song. "Shouldn't have said, 'Pop it, pop it,' girl, they all jealous/I ain't talkin', girl, I'm makin' a promise."

"Shotgun" is one of the final records that producer Seth Firkins cut with Future before his untimely passing. The late engineer unexpectedly passed away in his sleep back in 2017. The song also features production from Noel "Detail" Fisher.

It didn't take long for fans to realize that Future's "Shotgun" bears a resemblance to Ciara's "Promise." The Future Hive instantly took to social media to make the comparison themselves. In the end, they let their followers decide.

"Future is PETTY for this Ciara “Promise” sample, but that makes me like it #Shotgun," one Twitter user said.

Ciara nor Future himself have confirmed whether or not the Freebandz CEO legally sampled his ex's song. However, it seems like the Internet has already made its choice.

Take a listen to both songs and the Future Hive's reaction to "Shotgun" below.

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