The internet is angry at a guy for taking $1,500 cash instead of a chance at winning a brand new car. Did he make the right choice?

Kevin was playing this week on "The Price is Right" with Drew Carey. He had exceptional luck taking on the popular game Let 'Em Roll. In this game, the contestant rolls five dice, each with a money value on three sides, and a car symbol on three sides.  The contestant has three rolls to land all five on the car. Once the car symbol is rolled, it stays put and the contestant has to roll the others, and if he gets five cars in three rolls, he wins the car. Pretty simple, right?

Somehow on his first roll, he rolled four car symbols and the fifth die showing $1,500. Immediately, the crowd was pumped up, and so was the host. Then, Kevin shocked the world and decided to take the money as it was technically the most cash he could win at that point, since the other dollar values on the dice are $500 and $1,000.

He took the cash, even though he had a 75% chance of hitting the car on one of his next two rolls.

Drew seemed shocked, and the crowd seemed downright angry, but did he make the right choice?

Of course, even a brand new car on a game show isn't technically free. The winner still has to pay the sales tax on the ride, which is easily a few thousand bucks. On top of that, the car is considered income, so you'd also have to pay federal taxes on it, which would be anywhere from 10 to 40%.

Shoot, one woman who won a car on "The Price is Right" claims she paid $9,000 back after winning the car.

So I don't blame the guy, I say BRAVO!





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